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About Design Kaboodle:

Our names are Denny & Bev we have been friends for 20 years through our love of design & the rock band Bon Jovi We stared out meeting on the fan forums & MSN groups  for the band…  Then we saw  ?   all the pretty signature tags people was using in emails and forums the signature tags bit us  and called our names  it bit us pretty hard !… we wanted learn how to make them so that got us started on our design journey   we even learn psp together in the same paint shop pro groups  at the same time  we have been  using paint shop pro for about 16 years now

but we have never met in person due to location  Denny is from Australia and Bev is from the United Sates but we keep Skype busy at times

How we got our name ? we wanted to combine our designs plus wanted a online storage for images and downloads for our designs& shares we thought of Storage when coming up with a name …

( Denny & Bev’s  thinking that is dangerous at times ??LOL! )

… We are both are from the 80’s era and listen to 80’s music mostly … sooo!….. every teenage girl in the 80’s had a “Caboodles’ Box  = Click Here with everything & anything in it so that is how we got our name “Design Kaboodle” but with a K because we will have a little bit of anything & everything that contains to paint shop pro & photoshop & digital tagger size scrapbook

we both have paint shop pro …  Denny  PSP X9 & Bev  PSP 2018 .. and Bev also has photoshop & photoshop elements  we are not sure what we will making yet but join us through our design journey..

Please visit our Forum  Denny is owner and Bev is a member  we make signature tags , do challenges , and just being a psp family Bag A Snag =Click Here

If you are a fan of the rock band Bon Jovi please feel free to  check our our other blog = Click Here

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