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Here are some of our favorite places to get our supplies from ,,, please check out our regular links page for blogs, shops and other places we like to visit Click Here

Graphic Editors

these are the graphic editors we use and recommend

Note ! the Photoshop subscription Bev was worried about it at first but her Photoshop was so old she took the plunge you pay per month and get the newest version it is only 10$ a month she has the lowest plan $9.99    and we spend that on supplies  or  a pizza …Bev absolutely loves it & she thinks 10$ a month on something you love is worth it specially if you do not have other hobbies…  but that is her opinion


Paint Shop Pro Only

Paint Shop Pro Mix Stuff

Paint Shop Pro Mask



Photoshop Only

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop Mix Stuff


Photoshop Styles



For All 3 Editors

all three graphic  editors Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements that has resources that all three editors can use


we only have 8 listed between the 8 sites we find what we are looking for


Photoshop Brushes





Stock Images

Stock images are wonderful to work with rather you are doing  desktop,   web design or need a photo to do a tutorial  to learn  or need pictures for your jigsaw puzzle app to make puzzles with here is our list

Some of the sites require you to sign up for a free account  bypass a download limit  or  to download or download the full image  size all these sites listed is  are free and save to use




Scrapbook Both Regular ( print )  and Tagger Size


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