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Here are some of our favorite places to get our supplies from below ,  we have links for Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop ( usually you can use Photoshop supplies in Photoshop Elements to ). &…

  We also have a section called“For All 3 Editors” of supplies that all three editors can use . Like  brushes, fonts and etc … so be sure to check that section out too ..

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Graphic Editors & Tools

these are the graphic editors & tools we use

Font Runner- is a Font Viewer that Denny & Bev had used for years we have tried other free font viewers and it works the best  for us

Argus Preset Viewer- this is a awesome little tool for all 3 editors for PSD file &  PS Brushes  viewing in  Windows &  File Explorer  gives you a thumbnail  where you can view PSD files and  Photoshop  Brushes as thumbnails in your Folders  so it works  with Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements .. if you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you can also see previews of Styles , Patterns , Gradients, Custom Shapes & etc.. a must have tool.. Bev loves this  tool

BrushBox- is a plugin for Photoshop to organize the  brushes it organize the brushes better

Media Chance Plugin Brigde- this is a little tool to run older 32 bit plugins into 64 bit Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro if you are having trouble with the older plugins.

Note ! the Photoshop subscription Bev was worried about it at first but her Photoshop was so old she took the plunge you pay per month and get the newest version it is only 10$ a month she has the lowest plan $9.99 and we spend that on supplies or a pizza …Bev absolutely loves it & she thinks 10$ a month on something you love is worth it specially if you do not have other hobbies… but that is her opinion

For All 3 Editors

all three graphic editors Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop & Photoshop Elements…resources that all three editors can use


we only have 9 listed between the 9 sites we find what we are looking for


We do not have many listed  but these are the places we have used and love


Tools, Charts, Hex Numbers & Schemers.Here is a few we use .. I love the Colorzilla tool a little handy tool, for grabbing a color from a web page . & love Color Schemer V 2 it is a old compared to other Color Schemers or Match Color Generators … but it is plain simple I love it … you just put in the Hex number & no fooling with wheels.

** Please Note
if your Photoshop the newer version it has a built in match helper of colors to

 Vectors, SVG  & Clip Art

AI , EPS ,SVG  and PDF Files

These are vectors svg  and clip art…..  that  can be used  in your projects.. They are safe to use them .as long as you  credit them  Vector sites are for artist and  graphic designers  to post and share what they make they have Some are totally free  and some have  free and paid accounts …   You can  edit them and use them in your projects

If they are totlly free with no limit .. you just need have to  Credit/ Copyright them and give a clickable link  om your website pages  or post .

📣The Places that have free & paid accounts

If You Have Free Account :  You   have to  Credit/ Copyright them and give a clickable link  om your website pages  or post .   most of the sites puts a limit of  downloads per day ..for free accounts

If You have Paid account you do not have to credit them at all   and you get unlimited  downloads   _

They have a certain file format , AI , EPS ,SVG  PDF  format files made with programs like Adobe Illustrator they have their own file type These files can be open  in Photoshop,  Photoshop Elements,  or Paint Shop Pro versions(X6 to current ) you can even open PDF Files  ..

Most of the AI & EPS Files have a backgrounds that you have to remove first and make them transparent …. I use the magic wand tool mostly to remove the background it real easy to remove … then from jpeg or gif

these places are becoming a favorite of mine lately. ..they are used by some of the psp community  to make kits and access tubes/embellishments /elements


Photoshop Brushes

If You Have Photoshop Elements or versions of  Corel Paint Shop Pro X6 or to current you can use Photoshop Brushes in PSP & PE


Stock Images

Stock images are wonderful to work with rather you are doing desktop wallpapers ,web design or need a photo to do a teaching tutorial or make your own tubes .
They are wonderful to use with your phone/ipad jigsaw puzzle app to make your own puzzles.

Some of the sites require you to sign up for a free account to bypass a download limit or to download the download in full image size all these sites listed is are free and save to use.

These stock image places below does not require you to list a copyright. So they are safe to use with your Paid Copyrighted Artist Tubes… If you use the images for your designs without artist tubes.. & want to credit them just list the company

Sample: Pixabay = www.pixabay.com

Paint Shop Pro Only

Paint Shop Pro Mix Stuff

Paint Shop Pro Mask

Paint Shop Pro Templates

Paint Shop Pro  Frames & Clusters

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials & Webinars

Photoshop Only

Photoshop Teaching

We are just listing the places we learn the most from We have listed their Free, Pay & Youube channels.WE have them list 1st, 2nd 3rd, 4th best treachers ..Be sure to check out their Youtube along with their websites their Youtube channels has tons free tutorials.

The top 2 teachers has Free and Paid but they have plenty of free tutorials to learn & keep you busy ,, but the top 2 is so good  Bev is taking their paid classes . Bev has learn allot from Phlearn & PiXimperfect. with photo repair .She recommends them very highly

Photoshop Teacher #1 Phlearn

Photoshop Teacher #2 PiXimperfect/Photoshop Easy

Photoshop Teacher #3 Photoshop Training  Channel

Photoshop Teacher #4 Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Oddball Tutorials

These photoshop teachers and tutorials teach oddball stuff I am going to list them cause they have taught me something that was odd  there is one on you tube and 2 has written tutorials on their site

Photoshop Resources

Photoshop Mix Stuff

Photoshop Styles

Photoshop Custom Shapes

Photoshop Templates

Photoshop Actions

Scrapbook Both Regular ( print ) and Tagger Size