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This is our Design Info and Tou ‘s of the creations we make here at Design Kaboodle honest we do not have many but we have to have a few .. Site Guidelines & Rules you can download our TOU’s below

With other art & tubes :

There is no copyright required to use our tubes & kits &, embellishments & etc… if you use them with another  paid artist tubes that requires a license no# as long as you use as a accent/embellishment with the other Artist artwork

By it self as a main art/ tube focus/focal point

If you use our tubes & embellishments alone as the main tube /art focus in your projects & tags there is a copyright on the stuff we make and there is a copyright requirement please use this copyright

For Denny’s Designs= © Denny Design Kaboodle designkaboodle.com

For Bev’s Designs = © Bev Design Kaboodle designkaboodle.com

Our Rules :

Please do not pass our designs around that we make if you want to share something that we make please give them the link to our blog http://designkaboodle.com & plus we have Share Buttons on the blog for Facebook , Twitter & Pintrest, Tumblr

if you write tutorials and want to use any of our stuff please feel free to but please let us know and a link to our blog would be appreciated & we will be happy to highlight your tutorial here on our blog


The signature tags, wallpapers has to stay intact because they have a required license no#

Our embellishments/accents , papers and textures , kits , templates and etc can be resized & re colored , and the tubed embellishment tubes ( from stock photos) that Bev tubes can be use how ever you like


This is most important rule both Denny & Bev has … please do not claim our stuff . so please  do not grab and post on your page/blog /site and say it is yours ..that is stealing.

Thanks a bunch Denny & Bev


Download Our TOU’s

Download & Keep  you will have to have a pdf reader or ( Edge Browser )  or a Windows Wordpad  (on computer)