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Hi Jarek

it seems like there is 3 problems I see wrong  .. first let me say the parent theme is looking like it should and it is  seems to be running right  even the color is showing and working there  but the …  Child theme is where I see the 3 problems and it seems like the under Appearance / Customize General area where it says Classic and Contemporary when you switch to Contemporary  the logo does  not Change Colors to Black default

I like and use The Contemporary setting

I took screen shots click thumbnails to see images  better



I see this in Child Theme for both Classic and Contemporary  no options to Change Color … on default or Custom  setting

color option theme










I checked all  the sections under Appearance and saw this under Editor I checked the Child Theme  and parent theme both and saw this

child theme editor error



I can send you the login info for Cpanel for the website  if you want me to if you need to Check the Database for anything

I will  put in the email .. thanks Jarek hope the screen shots helped


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