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This is our paint shop pro forum , We make signature tags, do challenges , have a few tube contests and just socialize .. Denny is the Queen Bee , she is the owner, Feel free to visit us .

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We have another website with our other passion . This is our fan site for the rock band Bon Jovi .... We just share Bon Jovi photos & videos..If you are a fan of the band... please feel free to check us out.. PS be sure to check out our photo & video galleries

Latest DK's Shares

Witch Hat 2020

Witch Hat 2020

just a A Halloween embellishment of a witch hat that was made by Bev

Halloween 2020 Overlay

Halloween 2020 Overlay

just a A Halloween overlay to add to your own papers , textures and colors made by Bev

Halloween 2020 Grunge

Halloween 2020 Grunge

just a Halloween Grunge paper/background with Halloween colors made by Bev

Candy Moron  Wordart

Candy Moron Wordart

  This is the wordart that I made.  I colored the bag and candy from  black and white template…   I  made the confetti and the sign   .. the image  template credit goes to HiClipart @ hiclipart.com.. I am including in the zip file … the […]