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How to Use A Mask in PSP

Had someone at our forum ask how to use a mask in PSP I wrote this tutorial up for her hope this will help someone else
this is using premade mask that you get on the internet

I have not used mask for a while in psp but here 3 place that has some

my mask look like this


Find a Paper and a Mask you want to use and open both in psp You Can use a Solid Color or Gradient or a Pattern or paper the steps are the same

1 open a new screen/ to the size you want I usually do mine around 800×800 and resize later if needed

Note ***
you will not need a white background when you save the tag or image but need one to see better what is happening while making the mask

2 : Make sure you are on the first layer in your layer pallet fill with white and name it background

3 on the paper you want to use go to Selection /Select All / Go to Edit and press Copy
in your layer palette make sure you are on the first layer if not click on the layer and highlight it

4 While you are on the first layer go to Edit / Paste as a New Layer rename the layer to mask
you should have two layers the first white the second your paper like my photo

Mask 1

5 : make sure you are on the Mask layer ( second one that has the paper if not click on it and it should be highlighted )

6 Look to see what your mask name is then go to Layers / New Mask Layer / Pick From Image

7 A popup box will appear in the drop down pick the name of your mask and make sure under

Create Mask From:
Make Sure Source Luminescence is Checked & Make sure Invert Mask Data is checked marked and press ok see picture

Mask 2

you should see that you will have the mask with the paper on it like like mine

Mask 3

8:in your layer pallet you should see a layer with yout mask on it like mine it should say Mask and what ever it should look like mine some



9: right click on the mask layer that is shown above picture and Press Merge / Merge Group some people delete the mask after it is made I don’t I merge the mask and paper together
and you have your mask with paper you should have something like mine

Mask 5

you can delete the white background layer now if you want since you have the mask made continue with the tag add your tubes , decoration , text or what ever you want