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Paint Shop Pro DLLs & DLL Downloads


Download Zip for print or saving to keep for later it contains the tutorial/directions  in pfd & rich text document & plus tutorial images only  you will still  need to download the version dlls  you need  below

You would need a pdf reader click here or if you have Windows 10 you can open  pdf files in the Edge,Chrome or Firefox Browsers ( That is what I use )  to open the Rich Text Document use Wordpad that comes with Windows…


All PSP Users: you must install Plug dlls to make plugins work .. when installing them you must not delete or overwrite/replace dlls if they already there in the location because Windows might have update the dlls when you update your computer .. just add them if they are not there Windows will tell you if they are already there

Optional: I do this put a copy of the Mscrvt.dll and the Plug in .dll in the base (main/root) of your plugin folder I put them in the Program Area & My Documents /Documents/Plugin Folder

Be Sure you have your Windows Updates updated before adding DLLs and to reboot Computer after install the Dlls . and before re-opening PSP

dllWindows XP and Earlier Windows Users = Put all four in Windows/Systems32 folder = C:\Windows\System32


dllWindows Vista Users = Put all 6 in the folder Windows/Systems or Windows/Systems32 folder

Windows Vista 32 bit C:\Windows\System32 folder
Windows Vista 64 bit C:\Windows\SysWow64 folder



dllWindows 7 -10 32 bit and 64 bit = download works for both 32 and 64 bit
Windows 7 &10 ( 32 bit ) put all 10 in in your Windows/System 32 folder


For Windows 7 & 10 (64-bit) put all 10 Windows/SySWow64 folder