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FM Patcher & Directions


For All Windows VISTA AND WINDOWS 7 & 8 & 10 users that is having trouble with plugin’s try this tool to get Older Plugins to work and show

1: = FM Patcher Download it From developer Click Here or from below , To use it is a very easy program you can do one at a time or a whole folder ..

This tool patches older plugins to make them compatible for newer PSP Versions . This says only for Filter Meister Filters but it has fixed almost all my other older filters to make it work in my PSP ( even my older Filters Unlimited 2 plugin ) .But there is a few not many that it has not fixed. It even fixes files in whole folders to if you have several in a folder

If FM Patcher does not alter an .8bf plugin, it means it already compatible or way way to old to fix & it creates a backup of the original plugin in case you need it in the future.

2: after a plugin is patched the plugin file name will have patched in it Sample MuRa’s Filter Meister Cloud says= “mmCloud_patched”

3: After patching the plugin put in your plugin folder if it is not in your plugin folder already

 if you are having trouble still  with  plugins please check our Plugin Trouble  Shooter Page = Click Here