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Install PSP if You Have 64 Bit


Download Zip for print or saving to keep for later it contains the tutorial in pfd & rich text document & plus tutorial images

We made a zip file for you if you want to save or print the tutorials … The zip file contains the tutorial & images to the tutorial , the tutorials is in 2 formats, (Rich Text Document .RTF} &  (Portable Document Format .PDF ) . You would need a pdf reader click here . or If you have Windows 10 you can open  pdf files in the Edge, Chrome or Firefox Browsers ( That is what we use ).   To open the Rich Text Document use Wordpad that comes with Windows… .


Installing PSP X6 -PSP 2018 installs different then the old way ( PSP 9 – PSP X5 ) and older psp versions if you have a 64 bit computer and it can be confusing and hard to set up your PSP

Corel and others do not come out and say this or I have not run into other tutorials how to really install and set up the PSP X6-2018 if you have a 64 bit computer I will admit I always had 64 bit since Windows XP but I updated my old PSP9 to X6 and I had trouble at first and I come out and ask Corel for help ..

so I hope this helps & this might be long so sorry about that please read all of it

I have now the latest PSP 2018 but the screen shot says PSPX6 These directions are the same for versions PSPX6 , PSP x7, PSP X8 PSP X9 & PSP 2018

Installing PSP

1 After you start your PSP install and agree to terms  , and  you put in your code /key in you will see a screen like this one you have 3 options

I recommend to install Both 32 & 64 bit ( Top Option ) in the install


A: If You Install Only 32 bit

Note * You Can use your old plugins that you have you but  not use the new plugins 64 bit and most new plugins are 64 bit now a days

& you will need to download plugins as 32 bit instead of 64 bit from sites that offer both bits

B: If You Install Only 64 bit

Note * You can not use your old favorite plugins that you have at all period no matter what you can only use the new plugins 64 bit

& you will need to download plugins as 64 bit instead of 32 bit from sites that offer both bits

**C: Install Both 32 & 64 bits ( recommend ) Top option in install screen

If you do not choose any options it installs both 32 and 64 bit on your computer automatically Corel & I recommend you install both and use both so you can use both you old plugins that you love and have used for years they are 32 bit & be able to use the new 64 bit plugins that is now coming out

2: After you finish the install do your updates to PSP I usually do my updates right after install and before setting up .. and it should already have a link Under Help /Menu to Check Updates if not you can download and install Updates and Patches for PSPX7-2018 = Click Here

3 : Make sure you put in your DLLs .. you can get them Click Here

4: Do the  After Install & Setting Up below specially the plugin folders

5 : I recommend after doing everything to reboot/restart computer before playing in psp

After Install & Setting Up :

I will try to help seriously it is not hard just a little different then what you are used to from past PSP versions installs

Just a reminder if you only installed PSP 64 bit and not 32 bit to .. your old favorite plugins will not work period ! no matter what you do that is why I recommend to install both 32 and 64 bit .. to use all plugins

If you installed Both 32 bit & 64 bit please read on .. which I recommend to do it might be a little confusing …


 2 Work Spaces & 2  Icons & 2 Different  Plugin Folders

After you install both  32 & 64 bit you will see 2 icons on the desktop

you will see 2 PSP desktop icons ( one says 32 & the other 64 )



you have 2 different PSP workspaces screens one 32 bit and the other 64 bit & you must set up your plugins a little different and direct both 32 and 64 work spaces to the correct plugin folder

Both PSP 32 and PSP 64 workpaces look the same but for the plugins you can not run both at the same time ..

Tip : I use PSP 32 bit  more and have PSP 32 icon on my Taskbar /Desktop and have PSP64 icon on my start screen in programs  list  I do this … just to keep me from getting confused

if you do signature tag making you will mostly use 32 bit more Plus you will still need to use your FM Patcher tool = Click Here  to patch some of your old plugins

but the 64 bit workspace comes in handy for the new 64 plugins that does not work in 32 bit & all the new plugins is coming out now a days in only 64 bit versions  and it great for big projects or printing pictures too

most all favorite old plugins go in the 32 work screen & Special Plugin Folder

Special Plugin  Folder

Plugins are set up different for the new PSP and Computers Please see our Plugin Trouble Shooter to  set them up  = Click Here

My Documents or Documents/ Plugins

I made Plugin folder on My Documents with a sub folder for 32 and a sub folder for 64 it looks like this

My Documents or Documents/ Plugins /32 bit

My Documents or Documents/ Plugins /64 bit

to be Honest for me … all the old plugs Eye Candy, 3 & 4 5 , Toadies, Xero FM Tools, Filters Unlimited and etc … that you have goes in the 32 bit plugin folder and only work in PSP 32 work screen

please note the new Super Blade Pro & new Versions of Eye Candy 6 & 7 they only have 64 bit now

the new 64 bit plugins like the free Google Nik Collection & New Super Blade Pro New Eye Candy 6 & 7 will go in your 64 bit plugin and work only in PSP 64 workspace screen

you must set up your file locations both in PSP 32 and PSP 64 work screens they both can be directed & use the same folders except for the plugins & plugin folders

 In PSP / File/ Preference/ File Location

PSP 32 must be directed to 32 bit plugin folder & the PSP64 must be directed to 64 bit plugin folder

Sample mine is directed

32 PSP work screen plugins is directed to Documents/ Plugins /32 bit

64 PSP work screen plugins is directed to Documents/ Plugins /64 bit

 Be Sure To Set Administrator Rights for PSP both for PSP 32 & 64 bit

like I said above you must still use your FM Patcher Tool Click Here  to patch some of the old plugins but it should work


please contact me ( Bev ) Click Here  or at BAG A Snag  = Click Here if you need help

To Set up plugins 

they are set  up a little different then in the past and you might have trouble getting older plugins working  so check on our  PSP Trouble Shooter and follow the guide to get them working

 Plugin Trouble Shooter Page = Click Here